Free Evaluations 

In-Home Lessons

We offer free ev's for families in the Greater Birmingham area. This is our chance to meet you and your dog, and explain what training options will benefit you the most.

Want us to do the hard work for you? For busy families on the go, this is a great option to consider! We will train your dog for you, and teach you to carry out the training after!

Training your dog in his own den is much more beneficial than going to "obedience classes" for many reasons! Give us a call and we'll explain the many advantages.

Board & Train

Free Evaluations! In-Home Training & Board/Training Programs available

All problems solved without Force or Bribery

Any Age-Any Breed

We serve the entire state of Alabama, and are based right outside of Birmingham, Alabama!

      Benjamin Frederick, lead dog trainer and animal behavior scholar, has been training both people and dogs proficiently for over 12 years. His passion for dog training is apparent the moment you meet him, and he educates dog owners in an efficient and warmhearted way. "My main goal is to establish a sound relationship between families and their dog, one where love and affection is balanced with healthy discipline," - Ben